Sudisa Foundry is a Global oriented company in the foundry industry. It was founded in 2004. Manufacturing unit in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand Subject of business achievements is the development, manufacture and sale of sophisticated castings for major industrial companies in the India. Its customers include major manufacturers or OEM of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, engines, transmissions, axles, hydraulics and heating. A wide range of castings in the qualities (ISO Approved) is produced Grey Iron, Ductile Iron with in weight classes 1.0 kg to 100 K.G in Different module. Reproduced quality in strict compliance with the customer's quality requirements are distinguished from the cast and optional install machined components. Sudisa Foundry employees produce with their performance and their knowledge in the service of discerning customers. Intensive customer services and application of materials and casting design to improve existing products and develop new cast is practically application. Equipped with modern, efficient manufacturing plants is a capacity of 15,000 tons per year available.A particular focus of performance, the mechanical processing for truck and car brake drums, with an annual output of several million units.



History & Milestones

In 1975, the company was established in the name of Foundryco with a Cupola Furnace and hand moulding facility having an annual capacity of 900 MT.

In 2004, Sudisa Family took over the company and with minimum modification increased its annual capacity to 1800 MT.

January 2006 witnessed Sudisa Foundry’s first major change – replacement of Cupola Furnace with 500 Kg Medium Frequency Induction Furnace and Hand Moulding Facility with ARPA 450 Moulding Line along with semi-automatic Sand Plant.

In 2009, the Company made further expansion with installation of ARPA 600 Moulding Line along with 1000 Kg Medium Frequency Furnace, enhancing its capacity to 8000 MT.

In 2012, the company made its third expansion with installation of one more ARPA 600 Moulding Line along with replacement of 500 Kg Induction furnace with 1500 Kg Dual track Induction Furnace. With this expansion the company almost doubled its capacity to 15000 MT and became one of the leading foundries in eastern region of the country.

In very short span of time, with its innovative approach Sudisa Foundry has ensured sustainable growth in all directions, i.e., technology, quality, quantity, infrastructure and successful customer engagements.