At its Industrial Area, Adityapur based facilities, with total area of about 55000Sq.ft with buildup area of 40000Sq.ft, Sudisa Foundry offers customer-specific, flexible and fast manufacturing, leading-edge Technology for specific requirement of customers. Sudisa Foundry’s dedicated foundry services are capable and reliable enough to meet the demanding requirements of today’s market.

We have all the facilities starting from scratch i.e.: tool designs, in-house pattern facilities, equipped with CAD / CAM, have the expertise and experience needed for quick development of new castings.

Furnace Panel

Production Capacity


1250 M.T Per Month

Melting Capacity


2.5 MT/Hr

Melting Facility


Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Make Of Furnace



Sand Plant

Sand Capacity


25 MT/Hr

Sand System


Green Sand Moulding

Type of Sand System


Automatic Sand Plant System

Make of Sand Plant



Moulding Plant

Moulding Capacity


120 Moulds/Hr

Moulding Facility


ARPA 450 Line ( PLC Control ) / 2 ARPA 600 Lines ( PLC Control )

Mould Box Size Max


700 x 600 x 320 MM

Pouring Facility


Crane Pouring

Charging System


Magnetic Charging

Range of Casting


1 Kg To 100 Kg

Shot Blasting

E.O.T Crane


3 MT Double Girder and 5 M.T. Single Girder

Shot Blast Machine


Table Type Double Door and Hanger type

Shot Blast Capacity


5 M.T/Hr

Fettling Facility


Swing Grinders, Pedestal Grinders,



Pencil Grinders, Angle Grinders Etc.


Other facilities like Painting Facility and Machining Facility

Testing Facility

  • Spectrometer
  • Image Analyser
  • UTM Machine
  • Digital Brinell hardness Testing Machine
  • Well equipped sand lab
  • Various range of metrological
  • Instruments for layout and inspections